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Simonton Windows was founded as a family business in 1946 in the heart of Ritchie County, West Virginia.

Since the beginning, Simonton's dedication to its employees, commitment to manufacturing only high-quality vinyl windows and patio doors, and desire to put a Simonton window into every home in the country have enabled the company to grow into one of the biggest and most respected vinyl window companies in the United States. In today's fast-paced society, a company that appreciates quality and commitment is rare. Even more uncommon is a company which has taken those old-fashioned ideals and turned them into a rock-solid pathway to success.

From its early beginning in the heart of West Virginia more than 50 years ago, to its nationwide coverage today, for Simonton Windows®, one goal has remained the same. Always exceed customers' expectations by providing the highest-quality products available and unbeatable service. While this vision may seem a bit fundamental to some, it is a way of life for Simonton and its employees.